Rise Of Civilizations APK, Guide, Tips, Tricks, Cheats

Rise Of Civilizations is another new game for Android and iOS devices. Rise Of Civilizations Guide is now growing fastly because of its quality and game experience. You see many types of game like this but this one is different. Rise Of Civilizations game features 8 Civilizations, 27 Heroes, PvP mode, Expedition and more like that. In my view Rise Of Civilization tops the rank of strategies game because of amazing UI and its live feature. You choose civilization which you like as Rome, China, Japan etc. they added up to 8 civilization but not add Indian and I wish they add also Indian Civilization in it. So, Now scroll down a know more about Rise Of Civilizations Guide, APK, Tips, Tricks, Cheats.

Rise Of Civilizations APK, Guide, Tips, Tricks, Cheats

If you are feeding in such a way that you play the role of the king and think like kings, like the old king, then this game is very good. In this game, you will find 8 civilizations, by selecting any one you can start playing this game. In this game, you can make your home good, keep soldiers in it, store food for them, keep facilities like health, and strengthen your wall to make your state more prosperous and more powerful. You must always continue to grow something so that it will make you stronger so that no one can attack you and you can attack anyone by suppressing his kingdom And increasing the range of your friends Alliance. 


Rise Of Civilizations Features

In this game, you will find some facilities that you will not find anywhere else you will see in Rise Of Civilizations APK. In the Rise Of Civilizations game, I saw a few things that are good for a mobile, like the old king used to send their intelligence to cover the nearby and the Rajo, then in this game you will also be able to send your soldiers to find the second state, send help to your friendly nation, and even some things like this you will see in Rise Of Civilizations game.


  • Real-Time Battles
  • Seamless World Maps
  • Eight Unique Civilizations- Rome, Germany, France, Britain, Spain, China, Japan, Korea
  • Exploration & Investigate The Other Kingdoms
  • Infinite Zoom- Globe To Base
  • Scouting
  • Espionage
  • Kingdom Progression
  • Civilization Specific Cities
  • Stunning Graphics
  • 3D Character Models
  • Unrestricted Troop Movements
  • Alliance System
  • Conquer the Kingdom
  • RPG Commanders
  • expedition Mode


Rise Of Civilizations Guide & Tips

Here I will guide you on Rise of civilization how to make your state very safe, how to enlarge and strengthen your army so that you can never beat and help your ally nation and your state are bigger Please get a better place in this game.


Rise Of Civilizations Buildings Guide

In Rise Of Civilizations game, there are two types of buildings one is an Economic type and second is a Military type. Let’s what you got in your base.

  • City Hall > It is the main building of your civilization. upgrading it then you will progress in the game.
  • Trading Post >To exchange the resources with your alliance members
  • Academy >Research Technologies
  • Lumber Hill For Wood
  • Scout Camp >Explore To Find New & Unknown Kingdoms
  • Shop Farm >Get Foods
  • Quarry > Get Stones
  • Goldmine >Mine Gold Coins
  • Hospital >Heal Your Troops Here
  • Barracks >Train Infantry
  • Archery Range >Train Archers
  • Stable >Train Cavalry Units

So, Buildings you use in this game. This looks real and works real. Developers make this game realistic than any other game like COC, Ya Rise Of Civilizations in one of the new competitor of Clash Of Clan. It is a good thing to celebrate this game in the times of today’s Battle Royal that some players like to play games like this game.


Commanders Guide In Rise Of Civilizations

In Rise Of Civilizations game, commanders lead the army units battleground ground and help the troops with their skills and talents. When you march an enemy base so you have an option to change the commander before sending it.


5 Best Rise Of Civilizations Commanders

You see up to 28 commanders in the game and all are best with their speciality like Attacker, Nuker, Defender, Cavalry, Jungler, Archer, Support etc. So, you choose anyone but you know how to with them. below I add 10 best commanders which leads your army in the ground.

  1. Tomoe Gozen
  2. Cao Cao
  3. Minimoto no Yoshitsune
  4. Boudica
  5. Pelagius
  6. Julius Caesar
  7. Constance
  8. Hannibal Barca
  9. Richard I
  10. Yi Seong-Gey

How To Upgrade The Commanders Or Heroes?

To Upgrade you commanders in the game you follow this quick instruction.

Go to the commander menu > select the commander which you wanna upgrade > tap the “+” icon next to the level bar to use Tome of knowledge(EXP book)

and you upgrade your commanders. Remember always upgrade you commander which make your troops stronger than others.

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Rise Of Civilizations APK Download

Here Below I give you the official Downloading Rise Of Civilizations iOS link and Rise Of Civilizations Apk link you click on these link and install this game in your smartphones now.


Download Rise Of Civilizations For iOS

Download Rise Of Civilizations For Android


I Thinks you all knwo about this game. If you have any issue related this game then comment below I solve this soon. You all find me in Kingdom #41, X:626, Y:182 is my location what yours comment below guys.

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