PUBG Mobile Cheats Android & iOS

Hi, Guys, Today here I tell you about some c. We all wanna be the best player in the game but if you don’t have a gun at the right time then you may die soon in this game. So, Guys here I tell you some PUBG mobile Tips and Cheats which help you to pick fast best guns and equipment. Then you tell your enemy as soon as possible and get your Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile.


PUBG Mobile Cheats Android & iOS

Hey, Here below I describe everything one by one read this full article and apply these things in you PUBG Mobile game. But first, you know PUBG don’t have cheat like GTA. So, In this post cheats means, I tell you some best tricks about PUBG Mobile which you apply in your game and get the best startup in PUBG Mobile game. Many Indian players now playing this game and now you see this game on every 10th student’s mobiles. 

PUBG Mobile is very easy to play and nowadays Ranking in the PUBG Mobile is very important. If your rank is low then everyone considered a useless player. So, If you wanna increase your ranking in PUBG Mobile then follow this cheats tricks and reach your dream rank position. Now follow this steps given below about PUBG Mobile Cheats.


PUBG Mobile Cheats And Tips

Looting Areas

Looting in various places will not be easy in this game easily. You know in every map like Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok have some special place where you got most of the guns besides AWM, Groza, Mk14 but you got everything in there place. Places in Erangle is a military base, Novo, George, Pochinki etc. In Miramar Picado, El Pozo etc. In Sanhok Boot Camp, Dockyard etc. so these are some best place where you got guns, attachment and also a number of enemies. Always Remember whenever you see an open door, enter carefully because there was an enemy in that particular building. Always close doors after entering or getting out from the house it may help you to know if their anyone come in your home. You surprised the enemy in the home and kill him. Most of pro-PUBG Player follow this trick.



Airdrops make this game more compititive because of everyone fight for a drop if you reach to drop fast then take everything from it and ran or fight with other enemies who come to drop. But Airdrops has some rare guns like AWM, Mk14, 8X, Level 3 bag and vest and also have a ghillie suit. Ghillie suit is best for hiding in open place in the grass, No one can easily spot you if you have this. AWM also super gun if you fire it on any enemy then you kill by one shot. Always keep open you speakers on volume while playing in the game. When a plane comes then it drops the Airdrop.


Using Of Right Guns

In PUBG Mobile everyone fight for guns and if you have right guns like AWM, MK14, Kar98K, M416 or other guns. These are very famous and rare guns in PUBG Mobile. But not only guns enough you must have some equipment related to various game-like scope, eyesight, recall attachment, compensator, Suppressor or more. When you complete your guns fast then you kill your enemy from the long range by the 8X scope and you also survive alone in squad classic game easily.

Some Extra Tips PUBG Mobile Tricks

  • Always cover your player in the game by rock, tree, demo card etc. You also do camp any place.
  • Use mostly car & jeep to travel long place.
  • Fill in your backpack with plenty of ammo
  • Find Med Kit, First Aid kits, Bandage, Drink, Medicine etc. to survive in a game and heal your self fast.
  • Always keep an eye on a map to see enemy footprint and bullet firing locations. 
  • Always be inside the blue circle which will keep you safe in the game.
  • When you play duo or Squad then always on your voice chat you communicate with your other teammates

So, There is some Remarkable point in PUBG Mobile which known as the cheat. I think you know about PUBG Mobile Cheats and Tips for Android & iOS devices. PUBG has now become a most famous game in the world all say Fortnite famous in US or UK but guys when Indian love anything they love it to the end. So, guys reload your guns PUBG soon launching new updates in PUBG Mobile and I am sure you all like the new update too.

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