Mobile Legends Season 9 Reward

Hi, Mobile Legends players Here I tell you about Mobile Legends Season 9 Reward. You all know Mobile Legends Start Season every three month period. In Season you may increase your level in Global level. So, Season 9 also a part of this series. Do you know what you got after season 9 ending? if don’t then I provide you full info what you got after Season 9 ending by your rank.

Mobile Legends Season 9 Reward

Mobile Legends Season rewards always come with something new. This in season 9 you also got battle points and in some rank teir, you got a free Season 9 Exclusive Player skin which has a special Season 9 tag. In Mobile Legends they start the season for their month each after three months they end the previous season and start the new season. When a new season starts then every play rank go down and then they all start increasing their rank in Global level in Mobile Legends Game. Mobile legends also give some exclusive avatar border to each player to get one two or three positions on Global rank and also more thing.

Now here below I add info about Season 9 Reward Rank wise. If you got a higher rank than you got more BP. Battle Point helps everyone to buy players, Emblems or more stuffs from a shop.


Season 9 Reward Rank Wise


  • 1 Premium skin fragment
  • 1000 Gold
  • 100 Ticket


  • 3 Premium skin fragment
  • 2000 Gold
  • 200 Ticket



  • Exclusive season 9 Skin
  • 4000 Gold
  • 300 Ticket



  • Exclusive season 9 Skin
  • 7000 Gold
  • 600 Ticket



  • Exclusive season 9 Skin
  • 12000 Gold
  • 1000 ticket



  • Exclusive season 9 Skin
  • 20000 Gold
  • 1500 Ticket



  • Exclusive season 9 Skin
  • 2000 Gold
  • 1500 Ticket

After completing Mythic you go to Mythical Groly and there you see pro Mobile Legends game. If you open Leaderboard then you see pro-MLBB players.


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Mobile Legends Season 9 Skin Free

Mobile Legends always provides Exclusive season skin in every season. So, In Season 9 they give us Franco’s Locomotive Skin. Ya guys I know many you are love Franco because I know you everyone as one time Franco pull you and kill you this is Franco speciality. So all Franco lover get ready for Franco free Exclusive season 9 Skin.


Free Skin List From Season 1 To 9

  • Exclusive free skin Season 1 Graveyard party, Nana’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 2 Fiery Inferno, Alucard’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 3 Punk Princess, Fanny’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 4 Taurus, Minotaur’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 5 Flower Of The Wastes, Hilda’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 6 Sea Gladiator, Alpha’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 7 Yasha, Moskov’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 8 White Crane, Estes’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 9 Locomotive, Franco’s skin


What’s New Happen In Season 9

If you are daily users of mobile legends then you all see many events in this season. In this season you all see many events for Free Player or For Free skin. Mobile legends is a game who add many types of events in their game and Android Gamers love these small and enjoyful tasks. Because if you do not play with your friend then if you wanna complete every task in the event then you must play with your friends. Mobile Legends wants to engage every player to player. So, I love this season but not at all because I also play mobile legend but this season I do not increase my rank when a new season starts then I start ranking ad ha You all must start ranking and play for your country.


So, You all know about Mobile Legends Season 9 Rewards. These rewards send you automatically when the Season 9 end. If you all have any issue then comment below.


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