Mobile Legends Season 10 | Reward, Season Pass, Skin, Start Date

Hi, Guys Today we talking about Mobile Legends Season 10 Reward, Season Pass, Skin, Start Date or more. You all know Mobile Legends Start each Season after three month period. In this Season 10, you may increase your level in Global rank to Mythical Glory. Here below I provide you with a quick review of Mobile Legends Season 10 about its Skins, New Features, Season Pass etc. So, Guys scroll down and read below.


Mobile Legends Season 10

Mobile Legends Season always comes with something new and different. In this season 10, you see something new features like most famous is Season Pass like PUBG or Fortnite Battle Royal games. Mobile Legends starts the season for every three months. they end the previous season 9 and start the new season 10. When the season 10 starts when you play the rank game and increase your rank in Global rank in Mobile Legends game. Mobile legends also give some exclusive avatar and skin to each best player.


What’s New In Mobile Legends Season 10

  • Optimized Server which gives your Lag less gaming experience
  • Take more seriously AFK behaviours they punish you from 20 minutes to 128 hours.
  • Now Speed Mode Works Better than old
  • Exclusive new Season 10 Skin
  • Mobile Legends Season Pass
  • New Type Ranking System


Mobile Legends Season Pass

This is now the best part of the game after Season 9 because many new battle royal games use this features to provide the best gaming experience to their users. Now Season Pass Available in Mobile Legends. You buy this season pass in $9.99 in Indian Rupee you Pay Rs. 749/- only and in Season Pass you complete the daily task and earn some skins, Fragments, Tickets, Emblems and Battle Point.


Season 10 Reward Rank Wise

Now here below I add info about Season 10 Reward Rank wise. If you got a higher rank than you got more BP. By Battle Point, you buy players, Emblems. Box or more stuff from a shop.



  • 1 Premium skin fragment
  • 1000 Gold
  • 100 Ticket


  • 3 Premium skin fragment
  • 2000 Gold
  • 200 Ticket



  • Exclusive season 10 Skin
  • 4000 Gold
  • 300 Ticket



  • Exclusive season 10 Skin
  • 7000 Gold
  • 600 Ticket



  • Exclusive season 10 Skin
  • 12000 Gold
  • 1000 ticket



  • Exclusive season 10 Skin
  • 20000 Gold
  • 1500 Ticket



  • Exclusive season 10 Skin
  • 2000 Gold
  • 1500 Ticket

After completing Mythic you go to Mythical Groly and there you see pro Mobile Legends game. If you open Leaderboard then you see pro-MLBB players.


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Mobile Legends Season 10 Skin Free

Mobile Legends always gives everyone its Exclusive season skin in every season ending. So, In Season 10 they give you also new skins with season 10 tag so wait to end the season then I also notify whats new skins you got in Season 10 end.


Skins from Season 1 To 9

  • Exclusive free skin Season 1 Graveyard party, Nana’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 2 Fiery Inferno, Alucard’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 3 Punk Princess, Fanny’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 4 Taurus, Minotaur’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 5 Flower Of The Wastes, Hilda’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 6 Sea Gladiator, Alpha’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 7 Yasha, Moskov’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 8 White Crane, Estes’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 9 Locomotive, Franco’s skin
  • Exclusive free skin Season 10 Locomotive, Comming Soon


What’s New Happen In Season10

If you are daily play mobile legends then you all see many new events in this season 10. Mobile legends is a game who add many types of events in their game. You see some differences in punishment system after going AFK they took it seriously because it may affect on every good play gaming. Many players do not rank himself into mobile legends because of some play going AFK I also frustated by this. But Finally They listen to every player and take a strong decision on it. Now you all comment below what new you see in Season 10 Mobile legends.


So, You all know about Mobile Legends Season 10 Rewards. If you all have any issue then comment below.


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