Mobile Legends Aldous Build

Hi, Mobile legends players, In this post you all know about Mobile Legends Aldous Build. You all know mobile legend is one of the best MOBA android and iOS game which you play on iOS devices or any Android Devices. You all play with your best player but if you are a novice and did not know how to play with Aldous Best hero then today you completely know about it.


Mobile Legends Aldous Build

Aldous is a fighter type MLBB player. Aldous is a new hero in Mobile Legends 2018. They Make Aldous more powerful than any other player in Mobile Legends. His one hand is enough for any Mage type hero. Because Aldous use most power in his first ability like Harley. This game better than any other MOBA games in iPhone or Android.


About Aldous Hero

Aldous live in the Minoan Kingdom. One day the entire kingdom was lost in the intoxication allure of the golden riches. Many contractors abandoning their duty but their only one stay and he is the only one which name is Aldous Hero. One day a God come from the heavens to punish the entire lands. Power of Light and dark decimated entire Minoan Kingdom and Aldous could not escape it. That the two streams energy collided him and it caused great changes in his body. So, This change may work in This game. This is not full story because A Huge battle was about to begin in Mobile Legends.

  • Role- Fighter
  • Speciality- Push/Brust
  • Price- 32000BP/599D

More Info Of Aldous Hero Mobile Legend

Build Number
HP 2718
Physical PEN 0
Life steal 0
HP Regen 49
Mana 405
Physical Attack 129
Armour 24
Mana Regen 18
Magic Power 0
Magic RES 10
Magical PEN 0
CD Reduction 0
Attack Speed 0.836
Speel Vamp 0
Movement Speed 260
Crit Strike Chance 0%


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Mobile Legends Aldous Build Skills

You all know What is skills? every Mobile legend Hero have its own unique powers. Powers help you to defeat your enemy, freeze an enemy, help teammates in Gank fight etc. So you all need to know about Mobile Legend Aldous Skills. Every Mobo legend hero has its unique type Skills which Aldous have it. So, Scroll down below and know about its Skills.

Contact: Transform

Every 2 Attacks, Aldous 100% damage dealt by Aldous next attack be transformed into a shield that lasts up to 2 seconds activates in every 2 seconds.

Contract: Soul Steal

CD: 9.0 And Mana Cost: 60
It’s the first power, Aldous deals 100 (+100 ATK) points of Physical Damage. If this attack eliminates the enemy hero or gank. Its Additional damage of this first skill is always increased by 7 points. If Aldous attacking minions or monsters, the damage of basic attack is raised by 300%.

Contract: Explosion

CD: 12.0 And Mana Cost: 80
In Second power, Aldous makes a defensive stance for lasts 2 seconds. During this time, It may immune to basic attacks. Damage from others forms of attack power reduced by 50%. Aldous deals 100(+20% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage. 

Contract: Chase Fate

CD: 60.0 And Mana Cost: 150                                                                                                           

This is Third power in this power Aldous gains the ability to see the positions of enemy heroes for 5 seconds. In this time Aldous use his skill and he starts rolling and hit the targeted hero. You use this power to any enemy into the enemy base. It deals 450 points of Physical Damage and causes 10% Knockback. After ending ability its early results in a 0.6 second.


So, These are Aldous Best Build which you use to fight with your enemy, If you use these skills perfectly then you can handle heroes like Zilong, Any Mage hero, Alucard, Karina, Roger or any other hero by your strategies.


Best Build Equipment For Aldous Hero

Equipment Builds are the most important part to build Aldous more powerful to handle enemy easily and kill them all. Many users usages its own type of builds which they like and some users use like Durable, Brust, Sustains DPS which Mobile Legend default provides. But you see in the photo I change all Builds in all category so you set your three types best builds which helps you to fight in any match without any issue. Here below I add most using Aldous Build to get savage. This is best builds for Aldous.


  1. Endless Battle
  2. Rapid Boots
  3. Berserker’s Fury
  4. Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen
  5. Melefic Roar
  6. Blade Of Despair


Best Spell Which Aldous Use

  • Inspire
  • Retribution
  • Fliker


I Think you all know about Mobile Legends Aldous Hero Build Details if you all have any query related this, then contact me 

or comment below.

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