Mobile Legend New Hero Lunox Mage

Hi, Today I talk about Mobile Legend New Hero Lunox. This is a new mage player introduced by Mobile Legends Bang Bang. I know every Mobile Legend Game player eager to know about Mobile Legend  New Heros. Lunox is a Mage player, Many players like Mage hero like valir, Eudora, Kagura and more. So, Now be happy mage player Mobile Legend Launch new mage hero for you. So, This is Mobile Legend Best Hero Mage.

Mobile Legend New Hero Lunox

Lunox has very effective powers she has four powers, which look fabulous and enchantment when you play this game on your iPhone or Android Phones. Everyone like Mobo Legend player power effect which makes this game more fabulous than any other MOBA games in iPhone or Android.

About Lunox Mage

Lunox is Mage player in Mobile legend New Hero Segment. It a lady character in mage. I don’t know more about it because I don’t have an advance server so when it releases on 4th September in global then I add more details about Lunox Mage. But you must know Lunox mage have four powers like Zhask so it also more powerful mage than others.

  • Role-Mage
  • Speciality- Damage/Poke
  • Price- 32000 BP/599D

More Info Of Lunox New Hero Mobile Legend

Build Number
HP 2521
Physical PEN 0
Life steal 0
HP Regen 34
Mana 540
Physical Attack 115
Armour 15
Mana Regen 23
Magic Power 0
Magic RES 10
Magical PEN 0
CD Reduction 0
Attack Speed 0.81
Speel Vamp 0
Movement Speed 250
Crit Strike Chance 0%


Mobile Legend Lunox Hero Skills

You all know What is skills? every Mobile legend Hero have its own unique Powers and Skills. Skills help you to defeat your enemy, freeze an enemy, help teammates in Gank fight etc. So you all need to know about Mobile Legend New Hero Lunox Skills. Every Mobo legend new hero has its unique type Skills which Lunox also have. So, Scroll down below and know about its 4 Skills.

Dreamland Twist

Lunox has all sense of time/reality. She does not benefit from CD reduction effects. When Darkening become more severe. It effects become Magic PEN and also CD effects become double resist when brilliance becomes stronger.

Starlight Pulse

CD: 2.0 And Mana Cost: 40

Lunox summons rain of starlight upon enemies which deals 200 (+5) Magic damage. It also recovers Lunox HP to 40 (+0) points. Recovery effects may double when dealing damage to enemy heroes.

Chaos Assault

CD: 2.0 And Mana Cost: 40
Lunox unleashes chaotic energy forward dealing 240 (+120%) points of Magic Damage and slows down enemies. When attacking enemy heroes, this power skill deals an additional 3% of their total HP in Magic Damage. Then this skill CD immediately.


Cosmic Fission

CD: 10.0 And Mana Cost: 70
In Their, Power Lunox release a fusion of energy to deals up to 280 (+80%) points of Magic Damage in a half fan-shaped area like a quite alpha second power. it also me slow movement speed of enemies.


Order & Chaos

CD: 28.0 And Mana Cost: 120
This is Third power in which Lunox is twisted by powers of Order & Chaos. When she uses her powers they become stronger. when she uses the power of order she gains Brilliance which deal continuous damage of enemy heroes. when she uses the power of chaos she gets Darkening and deals damage in a fish-shaped area to enemies heroes.


I Think you all know about Mobile Legend New Hero Lunox. In my opinion, you wanna but a player then waits for 4th September to officially release for every one Lunox. CD of Lunox is to fast so it may gain you more profit to win this game. If you all have any query related this then contact me or Comment below.





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