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Hellow visitors, today I talk about best moba android game. I make top 5 android MOBA game series one by one and today I talk about one MOBA game is call Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In my opinion, if you want to play any MOBA android game you must play this first. This is best for all types of gamers. MOBA games are the best place where you and your friend come and fight with each other and also make a team and fight with another country player. So, here I start telling you about Mobile legend game, this is Best MOBA game India which name is Mobile Legend.


Mobile Legend Android Game Review, Features,  Download

About Mobile Legend Android Game

In Philippians, In India and many east Asia country player are playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game. Yes, Mobile Legend is one of the oldest MOBA game on the Android mobile platform. If you count of downloading in android you see it downloaded over 50 million times and it’s huge. You can play events, tournament and some league on Mobile legend and also earn money by win these tournaments. Mobile legend game features it has five vs five same time battles, Easy controls, ten-minute match lengths, and more. if you disconnected so you can rejoin the same battle. In my opinion, this is the best MOBA android game for android 2018. But Mobile Legend not single game to play MOBA style there are some more apps for this type you see in my nest part.


Mobile Legend Players (Heroes)

In Mobile Legend, you all see some various types of player. Each player has their own speciality. When you open you Mobile legend game in android you see in bottom side a Heroes tab where you click and see your players. Like this

In Heroes tab you see some group type of players like Fighter, Mage, Tank, Assassin, Marksman and Support. With these options, you choose your best player from it. Here I explain these types.


Mobile Legend Mage Players

In Mage part, You see a player which have some magical powers, that player has magical power in this game is call Mage and if you make a Mage Pro team then the chances of winning in-game are increased because mage takes more health of the enemy. But mage players also died soon when anyone fights them one an one. If you find any mage player you choose them they all the best in his area.

  • Eudora
  • Gord
  • Karina
  • Harley
  • Lancelot


Mobile Legend Tank Players

Tank players are best for support to your team. Tank players speciality they have much health to stay on the match if you build them they become with a match. All Tank players have a best supportive speciality. My friends are also using Tank players, they use Franco, Akai, Gatotkaca, Grock, Hilda and more in this line. Tank player supports his team, they push the enemy to his base and perform many types of role in Mobile Legend android game. Here some best Tank players which best players use.

  • Hilda
  • Akai
  • Freya
  • Balmond
  • Grock
  • Tigreal and more


Mobile Legend Marksman Players

If you fight with the enemy and kill them to a distance then your first choice is only Marksman Players. These Marksman player kills enemy and support players to kill the enemy. Marksman player target one player one time, but they injured enemy lots of heath. You build your player speed and attack power to kill the enemy. Many of Mobile legend top players use Marksman players like Layla, Roger, Karrie, Miya, Lesley, Irithel, Bruno and some other Marksman players. So, you all use this player and show you the power to the world. Here is the best Marksman player for you.

  • Karrie
  • Roger
  • Layla
  • Miya
  • Moskov
  • Lesley
  • Irithel
  • Bruno


Mobile Legend Support Players

I never use a Support player in Mobile Legend android game. But many player and team use them because they heal their team from time to time. Some Supportive player has healing power to heal all team Health and this is the best part of a game because one point of health change game results anytime. Some top player uses Rafaela, Estes etc. Here are best Support players which you use in Mobile Legend.

  • Rafaela
  • Estes
  • Diggie
  • Nana
  • Lolita and more


Mobile Legend Assassin Players

Many Mobile legend players have a double speciality they also a Fighter and Assassin. I don’t know how to define different between Fighter and Assassin. But some are only Assassin player and they have some superpower. They are fast by another player, they disappear in playing time and more types of power. If you play by Assassin and you become a Pro Assassin player, you kill all enemy in one time by your strategies this no joke. In Assassin, these are best Mobile Legend Assassin, players.

  • Natalia
  • Lancelot
  • Sabre
  • Fanny
  • Karina
  • Hayabusa
  • Alucard and more


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Mobile Legend Fighter Players

In Fighter Part, You all see some player which work and “One Man Army”. These players have special fighting power. By these players power, you kill all players by you player build and your strategies. I also use fighter player to play the game and many of players use a fighter. But here is your choice which types of player you all to play. If you are a fighter then it will be sure you must first to fight with enemies and another type of players supports you and they also be the part to kill the enemy. Here is players list which you use to play in your Mobile Legend game.

  • Zilong (Old Name- Zhao Yun)
  • Roger
  • Argus
  • Alpha
  • Alucard
  • Balmond
  • Lapu- Lapu
  • Hilda
  • Sun
  • Freya and more


Which Player You Use In Mobile legend Game

If you ask anyone who plays Mobile Legend about which is the best player to use then he doesn’t tell you about it because player choosing is your choice which type of player suit you and you like their style and powers. I also write some details related players type and their speciality. So, you all choose your choice which you use. You use any Mage, Fighter, Marksman and other types of heroes.


Gears, Spell & Emblems

Without Gears, Spells and Emblems you never win any game this is the best part of every player and help him to fight with an enemy. There are many types of gear for every type of players like Fighter, Mage, Assassin, Tank, Marksman and Support.

By Gears you build your player power, health, magic power etc. for Gears you kill bots, Jungle, kill an enemy, destroy the turret, kill a turtle and more and earn coin, and by coin, you buy Gears step by step and build you a player to fight with your opponent player.

A spell is also performing some support in the game if you fight with the enemy you can use some Spells like Heal, Petrify, Flicker, Jungle, Weaken etc. These all Spells helps you during fight, jungle, killing bots and many areas.


Game Mode In Mobile Legend

In mobile legend, you see four type of game more Ranked, Classic, Brawl, VS A.I. and Draft Pick. These all types give you full of joy. Here below I define these 4 type of game mode.


In Classic game, the mode is especially practice type of mode. If you use and buy a new player then you first choose this game mode. Here you know about player power, style and building guide. But some of the players also play this is a super competitive game mode type.



This is only for Pro, I mean if you are a pro player then you choose a Ranked mode. By Ranked mode, you increase your popularity, your rank in world level, fight with you equivalent players. You choose level step by step from Master to Elite to Grandmaster, Legend, Mythical Legend and more I forget some level name sorry for this.



This is a mode to show your power and fighting experience because here you run anywhere this is one-way fight arena. If you play this game mode, they only provide you two option to choose one of them to fight in an arena.



This game mode also a test mode type, but I think only a few players this game mode so you all refuse this game mode in my opinion.


Make Squad In Mobile Legend

A squad is a group of the team. Squad member capacity is only 9, it means you only add up to 9 members in your squad. If you make a Squad in Mobile Legend you may pay for it and the cost is around 199 Diamond, you buy diamond form Mobile Legend game item section.


Best Features In Mobile Legend

In Mobile Legend game you some extra options like Live Stream. Tournament, Event, Shop, Bag etc.


Live Stream In Mobile Legend

Live Stream tells the great success of Mobile Legend Android Game. If it were not famous then why do guys play it and live stream it ha? In Live stream section you see Top Players Streaming, also many of YouTubers live stream on the Mobile legend. You follow your player, chat with him, gift diamond and more do in the live stream.


In this tab, you see tournament which is held in your country and anywhere else. Here top player, the top team come and fight in the arena each other, Mobile Legend also gifts Money, New Heroes, Skins, Coin to player and team. Mobile Legend also makes the tournament for Pro Squad. For more details, you download this game and know about it.

Bag & Shop

If you win anything and buy from a shop, all these things go into your bag and form Bag you can manage your items. It looks like this.

Extra Feature In Mobile Legend

In Mobile Legend you make a friend, fight you anyone in the world who play this game, got rank high to famous in Mobile Legend world, play various types of mode like Classic, Ranked, Brawl. These are some best features I like in this game.


Mobile Specification For Mobile Legend Bang Bang

To play this game in your mobile you have this minimum specification of your Smartphone for never got lag on game period time.

Screen- 5.0 inch, this is ideal screen size but you play this game on the big screen which helps in game time to choose gears, attack enemy, controlling and more.

Processor- Not matter but the best quality SnapDragon, Exynos, Kirin and MediaTek (Quad Core and Octa Core Processor) to Process time game as fast as possible.

Ram- 3 GB is best for playing time

Headphone-  Headphone is must to feel full of its performance with its sound.

But I think in market every Rs.6000+($100) Smartphone has these major hardware so you buy any smartphone to play but the best smartphone is best for a gaming experience.




Final Words

I think you know about Mobile Legend game. This game also for iOS. You can download Mobile Legend iOS game. In this article, if I forget any area to tell you or I provide you with any wrong information so you can comment below I solve this as soon as. Mobile Legend is a fast growing game in China, In Japan, In Indonesia, In India, also in America and in other countries.  I think in future Mobile Legend start a world-class gaming event like Dota 2 and League Of Legend, these both are the most famous PC game in the world.

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