Mobile legend Alpha Build 2018

Hi, Mobo legends lover, In this post you all know about Mobile legend alpha build 2018. you all know mobile legend is one of the best MOBA game which you play on iOS devices or any Android Devices. You all play with your best player but if you are a novice and did not know how to play with alpha hero then today you know about it.

Mobile Legend Alpha Build

Alpha has some powerful types effects in his three powers, which look fabulous and enchantment when you play this game on your iPhone or Android Phones. Everyone like Mobo Legend player power effect which makes this game more better than any other MOBA games in iPhone or Android.


About Alpha

Alpha is a creation of a biological material and a space meteorolite. The scientist has created two heroes. One is Alpha and the second his brother Beta. One time Alpha loses his brother in space. The only thing Alpha could save his brother gold metal arm, which he uses as a form of an aircraft it always with alpha in play time.

  • Role-Fighter
  • Speciality- Charge/Damage
  • Price- 32000 BP/599D

More Info Of Alpha Hero Mobile Legend

Build Number
HP 2646
Physical PEN 0
Life steal 0
HP Regen 39
Mana 453
Physical Attack 121
Armour 20
Mana Regen 16
Magic Power 0
Magic RES 10
Magical PEN 0
CD Reduction 0
Attack Speed 0.916
Speel Vamp 0
Movement Speed 260
Crit Strike Chance 0%


Mobile Legend Alpha Build Skills

You all know What is skills? every Mobile legend Hero have its own unique Powers/Skills. Skills help you to defeat your enemy, freeze an enemy, help teammates in Gank fight etc. So you all need to know about Mobile Legend Alpha Skills. Every Mobo legend hero has its unique type Skills which Alpha also have. So, Scroll down below and know about its 4 Skills.

Beta, Advance

This is beta attack and mark target to the enemy. it deals 150(+180% Total Physical Atk) which is true damage after 2 normal attacks.


Rotary Impact

CD: 7.0 And Mana Cost: 60
It’s the first power, Alpha Release a Slash which deals 210 (+90% extra) Physical Damage. It also reduces movement speed by up to 70% for 2 seconds. After A slash a bot follow the path which also deals 90 physical damage.


Force Swing

CD: 8.5 And Mana Cost: 65
In Second power Alpha do strikes in a half-circle area which deals enemy 160 (+170% total) Physical Damage, This also releases bot to deal extra Damage with 40 (+30 Total Physical ATK) Physical Attack. After that, it restores 150 (+40 Total Magic Power) HP of Alpha.


Spear Of Alpha

CD: 32.0 And Mana Cost: 110
This is Third power in this power Alpha Hero use a powerful light spear which stunning target on hit and pulling himself to the location. It deals 245 (+140% Extra) Physical Damage to enemies. after that bot deals up to 205 (+80% Extra ATK) Physical Damage.


So, These are Alpha Skills which you use to fight with your enemy, If you use these skills perfectly then you can handle heroes like Lance, Alucard, Karina, Roger or any other hero.


Best Build For Alpha Hero


Builds are most important to make your Alpha more powerful to handle enemy easily and kill them all. Many uses many types of builds like Durable, Brust, Sustains DPS which Mobile Legend provides. But you see in the photo I change all Builds in all category so your set your three types best builds which helps you to fight nay match without any issue. Here below I add most using build list of items you use or add these builds in your items list.

  • Warrior Boots
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Endless Battle
  • Blade Of Despair
  • Hunter Strike
  • Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen



I Think you all know about Mobile Legend New Hero Details if you all have any query related this then contact me or Comment below.


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