How To Teleport Rise Of Civilizations Alliance

Hey, You have any issue related alliance teleport. So, Today I tell you “How To Teleport Rise Of Civilizations“. Teleport is a major part of this game. If you have to change your alliance and place then you teleport your base to any free space in the map. 

All of you know that if you are changing your place then you have to buy a Teleport to change the place, then you can change your place by using it, and if you play this game daily, you will know that if you face war in game and If you want to help others or change your alliance, then you have to use the teleport only then you can change your place, So, I will tell you about the type of Teleport in rise of civilization alliance.


Types Of Teleport In Rise Of Civilizations

In Rise Of Civilizations, you see three type of Teleport items which you buy from a shop and also buy in an offer period. You buy Teleport items by Gems pricing starting from 500 gems to 1500 gems. So, Scroll down and know about three teleport items.


1- Territorial Teleport

In this type of teleport, You only teleport your base only in your alliance area which you join. This teleport you use when you face war against your enemy. So, you need to teleport in your area near an enemy and sent your troops fast in less time which before it takes.


2- Random Teleport

This is second type teleport in this game. This blue question mark randomly teleport to any base to any place in Kingdom Map. You buy this teleport from a shop in fewer gems but it is useless so always found teleport in offers and buy normal teleport pack.



3- Targeted Teleport

This is the third teleport and it is very expensive in the price you buy this teleport by 1500 gems. but this is best you teleport your base to any place in Kingdom Map besides rock and river. This teleport very helps you in alliance war where u can teleport yourself without changing your alliance.


I think you know about types of teleport in Rise Of Civilizations. Now you can use them and teleport your base to near your alliance fortress and you know where is your alliance fortress.


How to Teleport In Rise Of Civilizations

Teleporting is not very tough in the game. You buy any teleport and select your teleport item from the bag. after selecting it to show like this in the image below.

How To Teleport Rise Of Civilizations

You select your base on your fingers tip and move to near your alliance territory border when it shows green circle so you can teleport your base in this place. Now click teleport and finally you teleported your base in the particular place.


Finally, I think you know about How To Teleport Rise Of Civilizations Alliance. I am also a big fan of Rise Of Civilizations when I download and play I think this is a useless game and not better than COC but I was wrong this game becomes better than COC and fully work on live gaming basis so I like this feature in this game. what did you like in this game? Comment below and comment when you feel any issue related article I solve as soon as possible.

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