Best MOBA Android Games 2018

MOBA means Mobile Online Battle Arena. Nowadays many users don’t know about this most interesting and best gaming experience on there mobile. Here I tell you some best MOBA android games 2018. After PC like DOTA 2, League Of legends, In Android you like these games on your mobile known as 5v5 MOBA games. So you find Best Android MOBA Game 2018, which is best here you know.

I also play some MOBA game and I enjoy to much play these game, you play without your country player, interact them and much more by these MOBA Game Android 2018. So Now Go below and know which is best MOBA games For android 2018.

This is MOBA Android Games map. You see how a player is an entire arena and fight with his enemy to win the match.  Here are three lane Top, Mid & Bottom and also two juggling area to increase your player power and kill your enemy. So now you all see below to know which is best MOBA game 2018.

Best MOBA Android Games 2018


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

In Philippians, In India and many east Asia country player are playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game. Yes, Mobile Legend is one of the oldest MOBA game on the Android mobile platform. If you count of downloading in android you see it downloaded over 50 million times and it’s huge. You can play events, tournament and some league on Mobile legend and also earn money by win these tournaments. Mobile legend game features it has five vs five same time battles, Easy controls, ten-minute match lengths, and more. if you disconnected so you can rejoin the same battle. In my opinion, this is the best MOBA android game for android 2018. But Mobile Legend not single game to play MOBA style there are some more apps for this type you see below. This is a 5v5 MOBA games online for Android and iOS devices.

Price: Free (in-app purchases)


Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved is another popular MOBA android game 2018. Heros Evolved also has some most unique features like you play 3V3, 5V5, 1V1, clan system, short match options and many types of modes you see in this game. You play with over 40 Legend heroes. I say all you all never feel boring in these MOBA games because every match has a new story, a new enemy, new strategies, new everything in MOBA android game and Heroes Evolved fill you boring and provide you best experience.

Price: Free (in-app purchases)



Vainglory launch in 2015 with a new type of gaming says MOBAs. Mobile Legend newer than Vainglory, This is also a MOBA game platform. You play with many legend type characters to kill your enemy with Guns, Bows, Magic, Strenght etc. You enjoy the lot in gaming. Many people have an issue to play these MOBA games online network issue but in Vainglory, you may play your game in low internet speed, So this is plus point in this game. Vainglory has many users but a little in Asia. But I think Vainglory May increase his users in Asia and also other regions. Now download this game and enjoy to kill your enemy.

Price: Free (in-app purchases)


Heroes of Order and Chaos

At last, I talk about Heroes of Order and Chaos. This one is also one of the newer MOBA android game. It’s a Gameloft MOBA game so you all know Gameloft games always best. In this game you see many types of game mode like 5V5, 3V3, 1V1, Casual, Ranked and many types. You play with 57 superheroes. I also play this game and never get any issue in this game so you all may play this game and enjoy. So this is also a best MOBA android game 2018.

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

Final words-

In my opinion, if you find some best android games, So, you all choose only this because you never feel boring this MOBA types games. You play with you favrout player with his powers like Magic, Bows, Fighting and may type of player you see. If you want to download any game so you may try with any of them but in my way. You choose Mobile Legend or Vainglory both are best and give you a super game experience.


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