Best Battle Royale Games For Android {Update}

Hi guys, are you looking for android battle royale game? Then here I tell you about Best Battle Royale Games Android 2019. Battle Royale game has now become famous in the world. But you all know android smartphones are booming then some game developers make battle royale for Android smartphones and you know battle royale in mobile phones are most popular now. In the US, UK, France, India many users play battle royale game in android phone.

Battle Royale game genre is one of the most famous game genres in google play store. Battle Royale game is open for every type of player. In this game type, you land in a place where up to 100 players land in one map. After that, you may survive in the game and kill the enemy. If you stay at last then you are the winner in the battle royale android game.

Best Battle Royale Games For Android

1) PUBG Mobile & PUBG Lite

PUBG Mobile is the world most famous game in Android and iOS smartphones. Tencent released two versions of PUBG Mobile & PUBG Mobile Lite. I think almost every android gamer play that game on their Android smartphone. PUBG Mobile for high-end smartphone and PUBG Mobile Lite especially for low-end smartphones. Now PUBG mobile has three maps Erangel, Sanhok & Miramar. In PUBG you see various type of guns like AWM, Kar98K, M24, AKM, M416, VSS, UMP9 and more like that with types of equipment. PUBG Mobile now has Night mode in Erangle map which really looks fabulous. If you want to play any best battle royale android game then please download PUBG Mobile in your smartphone then comment here why you now addicted.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Lite


2) Fortnite

Hey brothers, Fortnite is one the best battle royale android game now but, Fortnite not for every android phone. Epic Games finally compressed fortnite for android but it works only in flagship smartphone or an iPhone, This is a bad thing about this game. But the gameplay of this game is superb. In this game, you also land on an Island with 99 players. Fortnite is most famous in US, UK, France, but this game not famous in India because of its platform and smartphone support list. If you have flagship android phone or an iPhone, iPad then download this game link given below. This is Best Battle Royale Games For Android.



3) Survival Heroes

Survival Heroes is another best battle royales games for Android. Survival Heroes is a MOBA battle royale type android game. The graphics of this game are amazing. You land in a good place and loot the resource, weapons, items and fight against the enemy. You will fight against 59 other players. Survival Heroes is best battle royale android game 2019.



4) Garena Free Fire

Best Battle Royale Games For Android Garena Free Fire? Ya, Garena Free Fire is the most popular battle royale game in Android. Garena Free Fire also a most downloaded game on android after PUBG Mobile. I also play Garena Free Fire game and really this is best battle royal game. If you think to play any other battle royale game besides PUBG then you try this one time. In fact this game compatible almost every type of smartphones like high-end and low-end devices. If you wanna play this game then download this game by given link below.



5) Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter launch his beta version this game in testing mode but you can download this game and play this one. I think Cyber Hunter will be the next best battle royale android game in 2019. This game distributed by NetEase Games. If you want to download this game then go to the link given below. By the trailer you can do much more thing in this game, You can climb on the wall, you can upgrade your vehicle, it has various types of guns and more. Now let see when they launch its final version for everyone.



6) Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction? Some confuse because in past creative destruction launch with another name “Fortcraft” but after claiming Epic games then change the name to Creative Destruction but quite similar to fortnite battle royal game. If you want to play any fortnite type android game then you download this one. This game also a best battle royal game for Android devices. You survive in the game kill enemy and won the #1 rank. You can create structures, collect weapons and more to defeat an enemy. You download this battle royale android game from play store link given below.



7) Battlelands Royale

This one another Best Battle Royale Games for Android. Battlelands Royale game published by Futureplay. I play this game and I love this game cute mini characters. This game has basic graphics, cute characters, a small map, and various weapons & items. So, Now Download this battle royale game and start winning at #1 rank. This is one of the top 5 battle royale games for android.




Pixel’s Unknown Battleground is looked like a lego type battle royale game & if you like lego game series then you love this game also. This game is 3D but not have fabulous graphics because its character and structure build by cubes like Minecraft and lego. In this android battle royale game, you can use cars, guns to kill an enemy. you download this game from Google Play Store.



Finally, These are the Best Battle Royale Games For Android {Update}. If you look for any battle royale game for android then you type all of them one by one. Most users play PUBG Mobile in India, US, UK, Franc or any other countries.


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