5 Best Multiplayer Games For Android

Hi, Today we talk about some Best Multiplayer Games For Android. I know everyone wants to play games with his friends, you can play this game on a tablet or phone. I add some best android game who are top multiplayer games for android. Last year many games launch on Android platform as a multiplayer game mode but this year companies launch more game with a multiplayer option. So, Download this game on your android phone and compete with your friends and show your gaming ability.


Best Free Multiplayer Games For Android

PUBG Players Unknown battle Ground

At first I talk about PUBG Mobile. This is one of the best fast-growing game in Android smartphones. It also available for iPhones and iPads. In this game, gamers will get on the aeroplane. And the aeroplane drops them at an Island with a number of 100 players without any weapons or thing. After reaching on Island every player finds Guns, Bullets, Cloths, Vehicles and more to survive in this game and one player survive at last who win the match and win a chicken dinner. You are waiting for battles with your friends with just one life. The players/squad that has lasted the longest in this battle wins.

In this game, you see various mode like Solo, Squad, Duo player mode options and also the Classic and arcade mode in this game. This is the best online multiplayer game for iPhones. A lot of guns, bullets, Cars, Bikes will be available in game. If you find any game where you work as an army and think like an army then PUBG only for you because it interfaces like a real war. So, this is the best online multiplayer game for android.



If you talk about Fortnite then this game is a most popular game for iPhone and iPad users. Because Fortnite is a PC game but Epic game launch this game for iPhone and iPads not for Android devices. Most of the new users play this game and love this game. They all like its enchantment interface and structure. In my view it is a very colourful game, you see many types of guns, drinks, bombs and more. But the main thing is building, Yes, building. In Fortnite you collect woods, Bricks, Iron to make a structure to hide and protect by the enemy. These options make this game different from PUBG Mobile.

Most of the users like this new concept and approve this concept in Mobile gaming. This game comes with many features as you use various guns, bombs, drinks, build your own structure and more. You also buy a battle pass for this game and the battle pass gives you some extra cloths option dancing styles and many more things in Battle Pass. So, If you are an iPhone or iPad user then download this game into your iPhone. This is a best online multiplayer game for android like PUBG. At this time Epic Games not launch this game for android platform when it launch i add link as soon as possible.


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Mobile Legend: Bang Bang

This game is mini Dota 2. Mobile legend is my one of the favourite android game and also an iPhone game. This is MOBA android game. This is fully online and to play only this game in online mode. You join in a fight and connect with 5 players around the world. Mobile legend is famous in Asia mostly.

I like this game structure and players like Zilong, Miya, Nana, Lancelot, Karina, Franco, Akai and more like this is a huge list of this player. You never bore in this game I promise but you angry too much I also promise for this. You gain your rank and be famous in world tournament mobile legend MLB. Now, this is the best online multiplayer game for Android and iOS.

Download Mobile Legends Bang Bang


Asphalt 9

After the huge success of asphalt 8 airborne, Gameloft launches Asphalt 9 legends. Asphalt 9 is one of the best racing game for iPhone or Android phones. In this game, u feel the real cars speed like Lamborghini, Porsche, Pagani, Ferrari, Bugatti and more cars you use in this game.

You stunt your cars jump from the border, use nitro, wreck your enemy etc. Asphalt 9 is a bunch of pure entertainment of the racing game. This game has over 600+ events various types of tracks also option online multiplayer with friends. So, this is the best online multiplayer racing game for iOS and Android.


Clash Of Clan


Clash Of Clan ooho “COC” hey you don’t know about this game if you don’t then really you, not a mobile gamer. I think you all play this game and this is the world most fast growing game in 2015-16 also gain day by day. COC is a one screen strategy game. In this game, you save your Kingdom base, add army troops and built stronger.

You may attack an enemy base and loots Gold, Dark elixir or elixir which helps to build your base in a game. You connect with your friends via Facebook. make a Clan and join with a team around the world and do a world Clan war. Clash Of Clan add some special events every month in this game. So, you never bore in this online multiplayer game for iOS. Download this best online multiplayer game for Android link below.


Modern Combat Versus

Gameloft launch new game Modern Combat Versus after the success of its Modern Combat series. This is the best FPS online multiplayer game for android. You invite your friends and connect with any users in the world and fight with enemy online.

This is the best shooting game you see super shooting guns in this game which you like most. You quite feel Call Of Duty interface in Modern Combat Versus. This is available on android free of cost but in-app-purchase and also available for iOS devices. You also play other Modern Combat series game all are best online multiplayer game.


Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 is an MMORPG android game. This looks like mini God Of War. In this game, you can create characters, pass quests, unite with other players.
In the storyline, about 70 missions are laid, and this is a variety of locations with hidden objects and quests. You can create teams of four people and play in a cooperative mode or PVP mode. In addition, you will have a treasure to protect, hundreds of items to be collected. Dungeon Hunter is the best MMORPG game for Android and Best multiplayer games for Android via wifi.


Final Word About Multiplayer Android Game

So, These are 5 Best Multiplayer Games For Android. Download all these games and jaunt with your friends. You play an online multiplayer game by your Cellular Data and by your Wi-Fi. You download these games from Google Play Store On your smartphone.



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